Corporate Private Events at CulinAerie

CulinAerie offers a wide range variety of events to appeal to all tastes and talents.  Each event has its own chef/instructor and private kitchen and requires a minimum of 12.  We can accommodate 48 in our larger kitchen and 20-24 in our more intimate kitchen (depending on the package you choose).  Pricing begins at $135 per person, all inclusive of instruction, food, house wines, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, and tax.  For further information, please email us at  Please take a moment to look over our offerings:

Team Bonding 

What better way to get acquainted than creating and sharing a meal together? Designed for all levels of interest and expertise, our team bonding events bring people together in a festive and relaxing way. Choose your favorite menu and then get to work collaborating on a fantastic meal! Bring your office closer together, get to know the department across the hall or say a big "thank you" to your clients with a team bonding event at CulinAerie.

Amateur Cooking Competitions

How about a little friendly competition — of the culinary kind! Challenge your favorite rival team to a cook-off extraordinaire at the CulinAerie kitchens. Brandish your best set of knife skills as you take on the competition in a high-spirited culinary challenge. Bring your friends, family and co-workers to cheer you on to victory!

Summer Associate Gatherings

Provide an engaging and delicious opportunity for your firm's summer associates to get to know one another and other members of your staff with a summer associate dinner at CulinAerie. Teams work together — and sometimes compete! — to assemble the evening's memorable menu. Participants share good food, fine wine and lots of laughs as they prepare the selected appetizer, entrée and dessert. It's an evening to remember and an event that offers plenty of possibilities for making new friends.

Holiday Fetes

Make Merry at CulinAerie: ring in the season with your co-workers or clients for the annual holiday gala. Great food, great fun and great people make for a magical mix and we'll help you arrange everything. Special holiday-themed menus are on tap and we'll tailor the event to suit your tastes. Take your office party out of the office this year and come celebrate at CulinAerie.

Individual Private Events at CulinAerie

Private Parties for Adults

Host your birthday, anniversary or holiday party at CulinAerie and leave the clean-up to us. Our expertly trained staff will keep your guests entertained and well-fed with a menu of your choosing. So much more enjoyable and engaging than a regular sit-down dinner! You'll have ample time to cook, eat and mingle. It's an event you and your friends will never forget. Make your next milestone a memorable one: come join the party at CulinAerie!

Bridal and Baby Showers

Why not put a new twist on an old tradition and have your bridal or baby shower at CulinAerie? A lovely brunch or lunch fashioned by you for your closest friends and family ensures a distinctive and outstanding celebration, and when CulinAerie hosts the event you can leave the details to us. Your Guest of Honor will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you'll welcome the level of service CulinAerie can provide. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Chef's Table

For those who prefer eating and drinking to cooking, CulinAerie presents our Chef's Table: an evening of good food and excellent drink poured and prepared by our professional staff. You and your guests can sit back, relax and take it all in. Watch as your private chef constructs the meal course by course while soaking in a little wine knowledge from your personal sommelier. The ultimate dining experience.